Larive Myanmar

The Larive group is represented in Myanmar since 2012. All projects and activities are coordinated byThura Swiss ( 

Contact person: Matthias Brienen ( Office tel: +31(0)30 69 33 221.


In Myanmar, the Larive Group is represented by Thura Swiss. Founded in 2012, Thura Swiss supports companies with market entry and growth in Myanmar. The company focuses on market research, business consulting and capital markets.

Since sanctions have been suspended in 2012 and the Myanmar government has opened the country to the global market, the Myanmar economy has been growing at an annual rate of 7-8%. Considered as one of the last frontier economies in Asia, with a young population, ample natural resources and strategically located between economic giants China and India, Myanmar holds promise to become one of the region’s major successes.

Larive-Thura Swiss supported various clients in Myanmar already, particularly in the agro-food, FMCG, automotive,energy, tourism and oil & gas sectors.

Dr Aung Thura - Thura Swiss
Alec Maurice - Thura Swiss Sai Lohng Yee - Thura Swiss

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