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Marija Sekulic


Instar bc logoInstar Business Consulting is the partner of Larive International in Croatia. Instar's expertise is in restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic advisory services. Since its incorporation in 2004, the company has been focusing on small- and medium-sized companies. It has strong relationship with their clients, 24/7 involvement in projects and correlation of fees with direct financial benefits  separates Instar from others in the market. As part of the Larive Group, Instar has the know-how of doing business in Croatia and the right contacts to guarantee a successful entrance into the market.

Why Croatia

With the worldwide economic crisis, Croatia has been in a downturn for the past few years with investors interest decreasing slightly. 2013 the economy is expected to receive a boost from the fact that Croatia is entering the EU and is thereby gaining a new market with over 650 million consumers. Croatia has an excellent geographic and economic location acting as a link between the EU market and the ex-Yu region (that has been of high interest to foreign investors the last few years). The Government is trying to improve the country's business climate by passing new laws and regulations that will decrease the strain of bureaucracy when investing in Croatia.

Great investment opportunities are seen in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Food industry
  • Tourism
  • Wood (abundant in natural resources)
  • Healthcare (relatively low prices, highly educated workforce with lots of knowhow and expertise)
  • ICT
  • Finance

Team Members Instar


Boris Teski                Marija Sekulic

Director                     Project Manager

Bio-energy and Wind energy – Opportunities for foreign investors

Larive and  Instar have made a presentation about the opportunities in the bio-energy and wind energy sector in Croatia as the government is actively promoting the use of renewable energy sources. At the moment we are involved in a couple of potential projects. Would you like to know more? Please contact Thijs Bleeker via the contact form. The presentation can be downloaded on the publication section of this website.

Among Instar's clientele are Group, Autoline, Jolly JBS, Jolly Trgovina (Konzum), Salazonsa Spa, MCI, Mljekara Livno, Presoflex (Mercator), Sjemenarna Zagreb, Klara, Biljemerkant, Bobis, Svaguša, Hotel Olympia, Star Grupa.

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