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Larive_logo varianten 05Larive has been active in Russia since 1993. Located in Moscow, the economic and political heart of Russia, it has provided services to various companies entering the Russian market.

Russia is one of the BRIC countries which is a status well deserved. It represents a large consumer market with over 140 million inhabitants of which 15 million are living in Moscow (representing 25% of total consumption spending in Russia) and 5 million in St. Petersburg. Moscow has the potential to take over Paris as the largest retail city in Europe. With economic growth increasing GDP per capita, consumption patterns are shifting to more sophisticated high-end (and expensive) goods and services.

Sectors in Russia which offer a lot of potential are:

  • Energy (Increased attention for renewable energy sources and bio-energy)
  • Automotive (Russian automobile market is #2 in Europe)
  • Agribusiness (Animal feed)
  • Infrastructure (Current infrastructure is old and needs improvement)
  • Food & food processing (Consumer products and machinery)
  • Machinery (Old equipment is being replaced by new machinery)
  • Retail and luxury goods and services (Russians spend >70% of their personal income on retail consumptions)

Larive Russia provides the following services:

  • Corporate finance related services
  • Market research
  • Country and sector analysis
  • Agent and distributor search & selection
  • Local implementation assistance
  • Feasibility studies
  • Establishment and management of legal entities

SteffenSteffen Smeenk started his career as management consultant for KPMG and then switched to executive positions. First as CEO of Fodor Group, the consumer electronics business of Hagemeyer and from 2003 until 2010 he was the Managing Director of respectively Esselte CIS Ltd. and Europapier CIS Ltd. In Russia. Since 2012, he is responsible for the consulting practice of Larive in Russia and Ukraine.

Over the years Larive Russia has provided services for various large multinationals but also for smaller entrepreneurs varying from different sectors. In the food and agro sector a bread factory was supported in the application for a subsidy and the implementation of the investment plan. In the machinery and processing industry a distributor selection was made for a market leader in navigation. In the energy and infrastructure sector, a survey on the evolvement of airports in Russia and an extensive market overview was made of the market for industrial energy efficiency and the potential of bio-energy. The presentation of this market overview can be downloaded on the publication section of this website.

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