Larive Slovakia

Heydukova 5
811 08 Bratislava
Local contact:   
Lubomir Sestak

Slovakia & Czech Republic

Larive_logo varianten 05Larive Slovakia (since 1995) has been set up by Lubomir Sestak and Janka Kleinertova with the aim to assist West European investors to enter the Czech and Slovak market from Bratislava in Slovakia. Mr. Sestak has an IT background and Ms. Kleinertova is an Economic Engineer.

Slovakia is located in the heart of central Europe and is known for its stable economy.

Sectors of interest in Slovakia are:

  • Energy (sustainability, realizing savings, energy performance contracting
  • Waste processing (technologies)
  • Tourism (Spa’s, resorts)
  • Food sector
  • Automotive
  • Metal processing

Larive Slovakia offers a wide range of services:

  • General business advisory (statutory advisory, strategic advisory)
  • M&A (target identification, due diligence, negotiations assistance)
  • Market research
  • Partner search
  • Mediation
  • Project management

Larive Slovakia has assisted, amongst others, companies such as Burg Groep BV, Auping BV, Gnosjo Gruppen and Lutece.











Lubomir Sestak         Janka Kleinertova