Larive Slovenia

Dunajska cesta 56
1000 Ljubljana
Local contact:
Mira Puc 


Slovenia is a country which has experienced a relatively easy transition to a market economy and therefore the nineties were marked by economic progress. Currently, Slovenia is a country of 2 million people that boasts with the highest GDP per capita among the new EU member states and the highest level of social equality within the OECD countries. A well-developed business structure, a competitive, multi-lingual and knowledgeable workforce, excellent transport and ICT infrastructure and industry clusters make the country an excellent business partner. The Slovenian economy is geared towards services, and provides top-class expertise in the field of information technology. The export is shifting towards products that use technology and human resources intensively.

Sectors of interest in Slovenia are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Forestry
  • Chemical industry (Pharmaceutics)
  • Agriculture (Green houses)
  • Information technology
  • Transport (Port of Koper)
  • Potential privatisations of state assets
  • Tourism (Some 60,000 Dutch tourists spend their holidays in Slovenia every year)

 Larive International started in Slovenia in 1999 together with Ms. Puc from Privata. The expertise of Larive in  Slovenia lies in the following areas:

  • Strategic management,
  • Consulting in the fields of mergers, acquisitions, capital investments, take-overs, restructuring and reorganization,
  • Corporate governance
  • Investment opportunities
  • Corporate law
  • Business law


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