EyeTechRussia is a consortium composed of non-competing and complementary companies and organizations active in the eye care sector. The partnership will focus on Russia.


Russia has the highest per capital spending on healthcare of all BRIC countries and the sector grows 14-16% annually. The population (144 million) shows an ageing trend, as about 13% is 65 years or above. Russia is dealing with the challenge to provide proper and sustainable health care services and is in need of skilled professionals, knowledge, and high-quality and innovative techniques to meet the market demand.

Visual impairment among elderly is a major health problem and untreated visual impairment results in a lower quality of life, leading to physical handicap, increased incidence of fall, depression, social isolation and dependency. As such elderly should be encouraged to come for eye assessment of early detection. As such, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed "Vision 2020: The Right to Sight" with the goal to eliminate unnecessary blindness by 2020.

The Consortium

The companies and organizations are ready to adjust their products and services to the local market demand, and they will concentrate on exploring the investment, production and/or export opportunities in/to Russia. The partnership consists of; The Rotterdam Eye Hospital /Het Oogzorgnetwerk BV, Laméris Ootech BV, Optelec BV, SurgiCube International BV, CBO (a TNO company) & Lensmaster (part of Grandvision) and is open for more players.

EyeTechRussia identified opportunities on the Russian market for Dutch companies with regard to modern and cost effective types of eye treatment, eye surgery equipment and innovative solutions. Given the explicit and complementary knowledge and experience of the Dutch companies, the partnership is confident that they are able to capitalize on these market opportunities by developing, maintaining and following a focus strategy.

Larive International

Larive_logo varianten 05Larive International (with support from Larive Russia) will be the coordinator of the partnership and, together with the Dutch government (in the Netherlands and in Russia), will contribute to a successful market entry for the partnership.