Larive International is named after its founders. As far back as 1975, the Larive family established a network of local offices, initially in Asia. Professional and business advice was offered to European (mostly Dutch) companies in formulating their market entry strategies in Japan and newly industrialized countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Later, the focus expanded to China, Thailand and India.

Frank Zuure and Haiko Emanuel took over Larive International from the family in 1986 and have jointly run Larive’s operation since that time. In 2011, Wouter van Vliet joined as the third shareholder and partner.

After the fall of the iron curtain in 1989, Larive was among the first to provide professional support to investors and entrepreneurs in successfully entering the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Larive set up offices in various countries in Central & Eastern Europe and can draw upon local consultants and specialists to support its clients.

In 2006, Larive extended its focus towards East Africa, a rapidly developing market offering new business opportunities, among others in the agro-food and water sectors.

Currently Larive has a footprint in more than 30 countries in Asia, Central & Eastern Europe,  Turkey and East Africa.