M&A advisory

Larive International provides a full range of advisory services to guide and support clients throughout the complete M&A process.

Larive can execute the (coordination of the) entire process. Our services provided are usually a mix of:

  • Selection/prioritization of target countries for the M&A attempt (including country risk analysis)
  • Identification and selection of potential M&A targets
  • Assessment of potential targets
  • Advise on the negotiation strategy
  • Support to the negotiations
  • Advise on the transaction structure
  • Valuation of the target
  • Selection of local experts for due diligence, legal counsel and other specialized local aspects of the transaction
  • Execution of local commercial due diligence
  • Coordination and supervision of local due diligence (e.g. financial, legal, environmental) by third parties
  • Identification and application of government incentives facilities
  • Coordination and supervision of transaction/closing procedures

A similar range of services are applicable for clients establishing “non-equity” strategic partnerships, for example, through technical and/or commercial licensing, marketing agreements, sourcing agreements, etc.