Lattice Consulting – Notes on an international collaboration

Lattice Consulting and Larive International steer the FoodTechAfrica group, a public-private partnership of 17 companies, universities, and governmental institutes from the Netherlands and East Africa. FoodTechAfrica’s mandate is to boost the aquaculture sector in East Africa, resulting in increased production and improved animal protein access in East Africa. In doing so, we contribute towards higher food security in East Africa.

Our Approach

Lattice Consulting contributes with FoodTechAfrica to carry out the following:

  • Market research on the East African fish market to provide FTA project partners with sufficient information relating to the regional availability of feed ingredients, fish production characteristics, and understanding the challenges facing fish farmers in Kenya. The research informed FTA’s project’s decisions.
  • Carrying out a Kenya Aquaculture Market Research in understanding the background on developments in the aquaculture space in Kenya; estimating the current demand for aquaculture fish species by type of market; analysis of future demand and gap in supply by fish species in Kenya; analysis of the critical constraints and opportunities of the aquaculture sector; and comparing the Kenyan fish market to other thriving industries in Egypt.
  • Providing tailored support for fish farms built in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda that act as knowledge hubs where communities can learn more about fish farming.
  • Providing support for the setup of a fish feed factory in Kenya.


  • The successful construction of the Kamuthanga fish farm as a knowledge hub to train farmers in all the stages of fish production.
  • Successful set up of the Unga Feed Factory in 2016 to produce fish feed necessary in the fish value chain.
  • Construction of demonstration farms in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

In doing so, we contribute towards higher food security in East Africa.