Frank Zuure

Principal adviseur. Nederland

Frank Zuure

University of Groningen: Master’s degree in Management & Organisation Sciences. Specialised in International Marketing

Job Title: Principal advisor
Frank has been with Larive for more than three decades. The global network he built and the knowledge he gained by doing so is priceless for your foreign activities. Following withdrawal as executive partner of Larive International in 2018, Frank will remain active as principal adviser.

Frank is one of the founding fathers of Larive International. He started his career in Asia working for several international companies. Frank zoomed in on international business consultancy in 1983 by launching Larive International in 1986, together with Haiko.

Frank has also played a role as a Supervisory Board Member, by setting up the first Regional Venture Fund: the Rabo Bank Earth Regional Venture Fund. This fund is viewed as an important asset by the European Bank for Reconstruction