Doing business begins with local presence and market knowledge.

The Larive approach to market entry in emerging markets is two-fold. First, we advise and support singular businesses in their market entry in any of the 25 markets we serve. As such, we provide them with geographic independence and a wide range of opportunities. Our unique edge is the opportunity to compare and evaluate the optimal market for their service and product offering.

Second, we know that in emerging markets there are market inefficiencies that might lower the attractiveness of a single company to enter. As such, we propose value chain improvements and initiatives and manage consortia to lower the inefficiencies and improve the overall sector. We engage public and private partners to create win-win solutions. As such, we dovetail public policy goals with corporate strategies.

Business intelligence

o Market and sector research
o Investment preparation & feasibility studies
o Risk assessment

Market entry & growth strategy

o Country & market entry strategy
o Business & financial plans
o Legal option assessment


o Representation
o Localisation
o Partnerships & transactions
o Incorporation of a legal entity

Post-entry services

o Recruitment of key-personnel
o Tax & legal compliance
o Strategic sound boarding
o Support day to day operations

Public Private Partnerships

o Identify opportunities
o Formation of PPP’s
o Implementation of PPP’s
o Knowledge transfer & capacity building

Grants & finance

o Grants, export- & debt financing
o Equity financing