Leon Stille
Business Development Manager
Renewable Energy&Gas technologies
T: 0031(0)652779011


TNO is a not for profit organization based in The Netherlands, with over 3000 professionals who put their knowledge and experience to work in creating smart solutions to complex issues.

TNO specializes in innovative solutions and technology development on all economic sectors to sustainably strengthen industrial competitiveness and social wellbeing. We are partnered by some 3000 companies and organizations, including SMEs, in the Netherlands and around the world.

TNO has a special focus on technology development and implementation in emerging countries (the innovation for development program). We focus on translating and applying high tech solutions to practical on the ground solutions to issues that these emerging countries face. We provide small scale robust technology and innovation with respect to clean water production, decentralized power production, solar cooling and heating solutions as well as food waste valorization (protein extraction) and medical solutions for use in rural areas where access to such facilities are not there.

We focus our efforts to Asia (India, Bangladesh, Vietnam), East and southern Africa as well as South America. We aim at establishing sustainable projects that facilitate societal and economic growth at a grass root level.

Solar Cooling System
TNO created a new concept that enables cheap, sustainable cooling that, in contrast to air-conditioning for instance, does not depend on external energy like electricity. This is particularly useful where electricity is either absent, expensive or subject to unreliable supply. Click here to watch the movie on how this works.

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