Turkey farming feasibility study in Jakarta


Indonesian partners
CIOMAS (Japfa Related Entities)

Dutch partners
Hendrix Genetics
Hybrid (a Hendrix Genetics company)
Larive International


  1. Execute a study on the economical, operational & technical feasibility of turkey farming in Indonesia. The study will amongst others address:
    • Retail and consumer preferences and prices;
    • Production process (all aspects of farming, feeding, hatching, stall equipment and processing techniques, design & set up, operational procedures, work flows);
    • Investment budget, operational budget;
    • Availability and costs of input (feed, additives, energy, medicines);
    • Legal framework on importing livestock (parent stock, hatching eggs or commercial toms and hens as day-old-chicks.
  2. Formulate scenarios with pro’s & con’s and provide insights in the potential relevant investments.
  3. Draft a presentation summarizing findings, observations and recommendations.
  4. Disseminate results within the Indonesian poultry sector by actively involving relevant associations.

Find a visual summary of the FoodTechIndonesia Feasibility Study Turkey Farming Indonesia (December 2015).