FTI-logoFoodTechIndonesia is a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch companies to improve the Indonesian poultry value chain.

Due to rising incomes, the Indonesian population is able to pursue a more protein rich diet, which includes poultry products. As poultry is an efficient form of livestock in terms of water usage, feed conversion and greenhouse gas emissions, the Indonesian government aims to double the production of chicken meat and eggs within three years.

Dutch companies are internationally renowned for sustainable production of poultry products. Policies & processes applied in the Netherlands regarding food quality, product safety and hygiene are considered as the highest international standards.

FoodTechIndonesia contributes to the development of local capacity, knowledge transfer, linking existing primary production processes and results in a positive spin-off in terms of higher production, productivity and employment, improved infrastructure and technical capacity, more efficient markets and local entrepreneurship.

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