Myanmar: A frontier market in the golden land

Myanmar has a rich cultural heritage. Since the military junta’s takeover in February, 2021the nation has been gripped by civil unrest and political upheaval. In the face of adversity, the immediate focus shifts towards humanitarian aid, ensuring the safety and well-being of its people and supporting efforts towards peace, stability, and democracy.

Addressing the humanitarian crisis

As Myanmar grapples with the repercussions of political unrest, the priority lies in extending humanitarian assistance to affected communities, providing essential support such as food, shelter, and medical aid to those in need. Collaborative efforts with international organizations and local partners are crucial in delivering timely aid and relief to vulnerable populations.

Main economic activitities in Myanmar

Untapped potential

Prior to 2021, the oil and gas, wood, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, real estate and tourism sectors were attracting significant FDI inflows into Myanmar. 

Emerging consumer market
Tap into Myanmar’s growing consumer market, fueled by rising disposable incomes, urbanization, and increasing access to digital technologies, presenting opportunities across sectors such as retail, telecommunications, and e-commerce.
Tech-savvy youth
A young and tech-savvy population is fueling growth in the mobile phone and internet sectors, opening doors for e-commerce and digital solutions.

Larive’s local partner since the 90's

Thura Swiss, the Larive Group’s representative in Myanmar, has been based in Yangon, supporting clients with comprehensive business intelligence, market entry strategies, implementation, and post-entry services. However, in light of the ongoing political turmoil, European investors have largely refrained from pursuing new investments or expanding operations in the country.

During these challenging times, Thura Swiss remains committed to closely monitoring the evolving situation and advising clients on navigating the complexities of the Myanmar market. Our focus has shifted towards supporting existing operations and ensuring the well-being of our client’s personnel and assets.

We stand ready to assist in contingency planning, risk mitigation strategies, and exploring alternative business opportunities that align with ethical and responsible practices. As the situation stabilizes, Thura Swiss will continue to leverage its deep local expertise and global network to guide investors in reassessing the Myanmar market’s potential and identifying viable investment avenues that contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

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Embark on your Myanmar journey with Larive

Discover the potential that lies within Myanmar’s dynamic market. Let Larive be your strategic guide, navigating the complexities and unlocking opportunities for your business’s success in this frontier market poised for transformation.

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