Renewable energy

As the world is relying more and more on renewable energy sources, Dutch entrepreneurs have taken the lead in developing innovative technologies to utilize renewable energy sources such as biomass, wind, water and the sun. However, the Dutch market is not large enough and successful international sales development is a prerequisite for further expansion. Every new market poses new challenges: local green tariffs, local government regulations, intellectual property protection, availability of local partners etc.

Through its international network of partner offices, Larive can quickly identify which countries and markets offer the right conditions and are suitable for implementing Dutch technologies. This is a first step for international expansion which Larive can follow up with practical local support and detailed market intelligence for the country concerned.

Larive has assisted a number of companies active in the renewable energy sector with their international expansion and has conducted market studies in foreign markets for NL Agency.

Opportunities in industrial energy efficiency and bio-energy sector in Russia (April, 2013)
Croatia – Windenergy – Opportunities for foreign investors (April, 2013)
Croatia – Bio-energy – Opportunities for foreign investors (April, 2013)