More than 35 years of experience in finding business partners



Your partner in emerging markets

More than 35 years of experience in finding business partners



Your partner in emerging markets

More than 35 years of experience in finding business partners



Your partner in emerging markets

PIB BakeryTechChina: Dutch solutions for the Chinese industrial bakery sector

On April 21, 2017, a Partners for International Business (PIB) covenant was signed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Larive International and the consortium BakeryTechChina. BakeryTechChina BakeryTechChina is a consortium of Dutch companies active in the industrial bakery sector. They will focus on improving industrial bakery production, safety and quality levels throughout the entire value chain […]

Dutch experts train Indonesian poultry farmers

The Netherlands and Indonesia work together to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector. During recent training programs over 60 Indonesian professionals in West-Java and South-Sulawesi gained insight how to improve their operations. Indonesia’s poultry sector Open houses account for >90% of Indonesia’s broiler farms. These wooden buildings often have open water systems and non-optimal temperature conditions […]

PIB HortiTechIndia: Dutch solutions to upgrade the Indian Horticulture sector

On March 30th 2017, a new Partners for International Business (PIB) convenant was signed by Ad Bischoff from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Davinia Lamme from Larive International and a consortium of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions active in the horticultural sector. HortiTechIndia will be coordinated by Larive International and the partners are Dutch experts and […]

Trainees from Myanmar at PTC+ Barneveld

From 27 March – 6 April 2017 a delegation of ten trainees from the Myanmar poultry sector visited the campus of PTC+ in Barneveld for training. Netherlands – Myanmar Poultry Cooperation Consumption of poultry products in Myanmar is expected to double within the next ten years. The Netherlands would like to contribute to the development […]

Fish feed factory opened in Nairobi

Today, Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries Hon. Willy K. Bett, EGH, officially opened the Unga Holdings Ltd fish feed factory in Nairobi, Kenya. Alongside the Chairman of the Board of Seaboard Corporation and Frans Makken, the ‎Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya. Fish feed factory The factory has the capacity to produce […]

A blue revolution for East Africa

Our global population will rise from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050. Most of this population growth will take place in East Africa and Asia. That is a lot of mouths to feed. This means that in 30 years’ time, we are going to need at least 70% more protein than what is available today. Think about […]

Visits of Steffen Smeenk (Russia) and Vlad Kadlubytskyy (Ukraine)

Russia Russia is one of the BRIC countries which is a status well deserved. The economy of Russia is the ninth largest economy in the world by nominal value and the sixth largest by purchasing power parity. It represents a large consumer market with over 130 million inhabitants of which 15 million are living in […]

Hoe u meer omzet kunt realiseren in buitenlandse markten met DHI-subsidie

De overheid biedt financiële ondersteuning aan Nederlandse MKB-ondernemingen voor de ontwikkeling van haar business in buitenlandse markten middels het DHI-programma. DHI staat open voor alle landen met uitzondering van Nederland en sanctielanden. Het beschikbare budget voor de eerste tenderronde van 2017 is € 2 miljoen voor DGGF landen* en € 3,75 miljoen voor overige landen**. […]

How to realize more turnover in foreign markets with DHI-subsidy

The Dutch government provides financial support to Dutch SME’s to develop their business activities in foreign markets by means of the DHI-programme. DHI is open for all countries except for the Netherlands and sanctioned countries. The available budget for the first tender of 2017 is € 2 million for DGGF countries* and € 3.75 million […]

Larive hosts YEP event 16 February 2017

The Young Expert Programme (YEP) offers young Dutch professionals the opportunity to gain experience abroad and young professionals in emerging markets the opportunity to gain experience with working in an international environment through Dutch organisations. The YEP Programme is carried out jointly by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and […]

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