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Welcome to Larive International

Larive International is an international business development consultancy. We shorten the time, lower the costs and reduce the risks associated with entering into, or expanding in, emerging markets.


Our latest updates

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Our Services

Business intelligence

o Business & market assessment
o Investment & feasibility studies
o Risk assessment

Strategy development

o Strategic planning
o Partnerships & transactions
o Market attractiveness advisory

Market entry & growth

o Legal
o Financial
o Risk
o Post-entry support

Post-entry services

o Recruitment of key-personnel
o Tax & legal compliance
o Strategic sound boarding
o Support day to day operations

Public Private Partnerships

o Identify opportunities
o Formation of PPP’s
o Implementation of PPP’s
o Knowledge transfer & capacity building

Grants & finance

o Grants, export- & debt financing
o Equity financing


Companies that expanded before you to emerging markets


"They connect people and bring out the best. In this way, Larive is able to initiate and ultimately realize successful projects."

Marcel Kroon, Owner & Director Banzo Engineering

"Larive team, thank you so much for the pleasant cooperation, you have done a good job!"

Henk Schouten, CEO Schouten Europe B.V.

"We were very pleased with the timeliness of the products to be delivered and the pleasant way in which Larive communicated with us about progress, issues that emerged and decisions that needed to be made."

Marco Otte, Sr. Advisor Corporate Strategy & Accounts at WUR

"We appreciate Larive’s way of working, market knowledge, and extensive network. This led to very good and extensive report with concrete leads."

Flin Veenstra, Business developer at NLinBusiness

"The Support of Larive has allowed us to effectively determine our entry strategy for Nigeria."

Mascha Leijten, New Business Development and Marketing Director LambWeston

"Larive’s blueprint to set up our establishment and the associated timetable proved to be excellent in practice!"

Arno Beurskens, Commercial Director Vescom

"The local support (language, culture and network) by their local partner was crucial for this project. Good team to work with!"

Frans van Dijk, Managing Director Monte Pizza Crust

"A valuable approach with a strong reliable network of local partners behind it. Ideal to give your market entry in Asia a serious boost."

Godert Tegelberg, CEO Lutece


When do we match?

  • When you have the ambition to enter emerging markets in Africa, Asia or Europe with a solid strategy.
  • When you need intelligence from an independent advisor who is deeply connected to the local networks.
  • When you want a direct contact in your home market for efficient communication.
  • When you choose to benefit from 45+ years of experience with business development in emerging markets.

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