Romania: Business potential at the heart of Eastern Europe

Romania, a nation where ancient history meets modern innovation, is a strategic hub for businesses seeking a foothold in Eastern Europe. This dynamic country boasts a stable government, a highly skilled workforce, and a GDP exceeding €282 billion. With a growth trajectory exceeding 5%, Romania offers a compelling investment opportunity for companies seeking European expansion.

Driving forces of Romania’s economy

At the core of Romania’s economic vitality lies a diverse array of sectors, including IT and technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy. The nation has experienced significant growth in recent years, propelled by a skilled workforce, strategic geographic location and favourable business environment. Moreover, Romania’s membership in the European Union provides access to a vast market and facilitates trade and investment opportunities.

Main economic opportunities in Romania

Agriculture & food processing
Romania boasts fertile land and a strong agricultural tradition. Investment opportunities exist in sustainable farming practices,  protein production, food processing and organic produce.

Research & development
Romania offers a well-educated workforce and a supportive environment for research and development (R&D). This presents exciting opportunities for collaboration across various sectors.

Manufacturing marvel
Unlock the potential of Romania’s manufacturing sector, renowned for its expertise in the automotive, aerospace, and machinery industries. With a strong tradition of engineering excellence and a strategic location in Central Europe, Romania serves as an attractive destination for manufacturing investment and production.

Larive’s local partner since 1994

Larive Romania represents the Larive Group in Romania and is based in Bucharest. Together we support clients with all aspects of business intelligence, market entry, implementation and post-entry services.

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Embark on your Romania journey with Larive

Embark on a journey of exploration and growth in Romania’s dynamic business landscape. Let the Larive Group guide you through the intricacies and unlock the potential for your business success in the heart of Eastern Europe.

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