China: business opportunities in the dragon’s den

China, the world’s second most populous nation with over 1.4 billion people, has evolved into one of the fastest-growing economies globally. A remarkable GDP growth rate over the past three decades underscores its economic prowess. Notably, China holds the crown as the largest global exporter and stands second in terms of imports.

Driving forces of China’s economy

China’s economic engine has been fueled by robust manufacturing, especially in electronics and machinery, contributing significantly to its global exports. Key sectors encompass finance, real estate, and technology. The nation has implemented transformative economic reforms, establishing Free Trade Zones and adopting preferential tax policies to attract foreign investment.

Main economic opportunities in China

Food sector
China’s combination of a massive consumer base, evolving preferences, supply shortages, food safety concerns and supportive policies make its food sector highly attractive for foreign investment.

Consumer market marvel
A truly localized presence allows foreign companies to tap into China’s vast and expanding consumer market. The burgeoning middle class has fast-evolving preferences and can only be served well, by being in the market itself. With increasing disposable incomes and an appetite for premium goods and services, foreign companies can cater to China’s discerning consumers.

Technological odyssey
Explore boundless opportunities in China’s thriving technology sector, where innovation thrives. From AI and renewable energy to e-commerce and fintech, pioneer and shape the future. Leverage China’s focus on technological advancement, supportive policies, and access to a skilled talent pool to drive innovation.

Larive’s local partner since 1984

Asia Base, Larive’s esteemed local partner, strategically positions itself in Suzhou, near Shanghai, to spearhead our operations in China since 1984. We support clients with all aspects of business intelligence, market-entry, implementation and post-entry services. Foreign investors are facing serious challenges in that respect. The unique regulatory environment, cultural complexities, need for extensive localization, government relations challenges, bureaucratic hurdles and geopolitical risks make it difficult for foreign firms to gain a solid foothold in China without careful planning and execution. That is where we come in.

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Embark on your China journey with Larive

Discover the potential that lies within China’s dynamic market. Let Larive and Asia Base be your strategic guides, navigating the complexities and unlocking opportunities for your business’s success in the dragon’s den.

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