Czech Republic

Czech Republic:
Where tradition meets tech-savvy

The Czech Republic isn’t just about charming castles and delicious pilsners. This EU member state boasts a booming, innovation-driven economy, making it a strategic business hub. With a highly skilled workforce, a central European location, and a competitive edge, the Czech Republic is poised for continued success.

Driving forces of Czech Republic’s economy

Diversity is the cornerstone of the Czech Republic’s economic landscape. From automotive manufacturing to technology, tourism, and services, the nation thrives on a multitude of industries driving growth and prosperity. With a keen focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, the Czech Republic fosters an environment conducive to creativity and success. Major sectors such as automotive manufacturing, IT services, and biotechnology flourish, drawing both local talent and international investment.

Main economic opportunities in Czech Republic

Tech titan
The Czech Republic is a heavyweight in the tech industry. Home to world-renowned cybersecurity giants like Avast, the country boasts a highly developed scientific infrastructure and a tech-savvy workforce with some of the fastest internet speeds globally.

Innovation excellence
The Czech Republic is rapidly emerging as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, and information technology sectors, government incentives and a supportive ecosystem fuel the growth of startups and cutting-edge technological advancements.

Manufacturing powerhouse
The Czech Republic’s manufacturing sector remains a cornerstone of the economy, with a strong presence in the automotive industry. Škoda Auto, a household name, is just one example of the Czech Republic’s manufacturing prowess.

Larive’s local partner since the '90s

Larive has been present in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe since the early ‘90s and has supported a wide range of international companies with assessing, defining and implementing market entry strategies. Larive established local manufacturing facilities in Central and Eastern Europe for various clients in the automotive sector, including Aalberts Industries, Inalfa Roof Systems, Toyota Automotive and VDL.

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Embark on your Czech Republic journey with Larive

Unlock the full potential of the Czech Republic with the Larive Group. Whether you’re looking to expand your business horizons or seeking investment opportunities, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. From market insights to strategic connections, let us be your trusted ally in navigating and thriving in Czech Republic.

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