Strategy development

Growth concepts tailored to success

Forge a path to success in emerging markets with our bespoke strategy development services. Our experienced team crafts tailored strategies that align with local cultures, regulations, and market dynamics, empowering your organisation to navigate complexities and seize opportunities with confidence.

Investment roadmap

Chart your course to success in emerging markets. We develop a comprehensive plan that identifies lucrative opportunities, mitigates potential risks, and connects you with key local partners crucial for a successful launch. Our Investment Roadmap provides a clear vision and actionable steps to navigate the complexities of entering and flourishing in your chosen markets.

Value chain optimization

Extract maximum value from every step of your operations in emerging markets. Larive identifies inefficiencies and streamlines your processes across the entire value chain, from procurement to distribution. We leverage our local network to identify potential bottlenecks specific to the region and implement effective solutions. This optimisation ensures a smooth flow of goods and services, maximising profitability and minimising disruptions in the dynamic emerging markets landscape.

Transaction advisory

Navigate complex mergers and acquisitions with confidence. Our team of experts possesses deep knowledge of emerging market legalities and commercial structures. We combine this expertise with insights from our local partners to secure optimal deal value, ensure a transparent process, and safeguard your interests throughout the entire M&A lifecycle. Thanks to our network of partners in emerging markets, Larive is well-connected to local business owners and key decision-makers in Asia, Africa and Central & Eastern Europe, allowing us to address potential (dis)investment opportunities first-hand.

Much more than just data

Our strategy development services aren’t just about data; they’re about strategic partnerships that illuminates your path to success. By navigating complexities and providing actionable insights, Larive empowers your business to thrive in the diverse landscapes of emerging markets.

Strategy development success stories

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