Turkey: Opportunities at the crossroads of East and West

Turkey, a nation straddling the continents of Asia and Europe, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. With a population surpassing 85 million, Turkey stands as a pivotal player in the Eurasian region. Its strategic location, nestled between Europe and Asia, fuels its economic vibrancy, making it a hub for trade and investment.

Driving forces of Turkey’s economy

At the heart of Turkey’s economy lies a diverse array of sectors, including manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. The nation boasts a strong industrial base, with automotive and electronics industries leading the charge. Furthermore, its strategic position along major energy corridors enhances its significance in global trade.

Main economic opportunities in Turkey

Manufacturing powerhouse
Capitalize on Turkey’s established manufacturing base, particularly in automotive, textiles, and machinery. The country boasts a competitive edge with a skilled workforce and strategic location.

Tourism trailblazer
Tap into Turkey’s vibrant tourism industry, a major contributor to the economy. With its rich historical sites, stunning natural beauty, and cultural tapestry, Turkey offers a unique tourist experience.

Eurasian connectivity
Position your business at the crossroads of Europe and Asia by leveraging Turkey’s strategic location, facilitating trade and investment across borders.

Larive’s local partner since 2000

Ventura Partners represents the Larive Group in Turkey. Together we support clients with all aspects of business intelligence, market entry, implementation and post-entry services.

Ventura Partners is led by Senol Akture. With over twenty years of experience in investment banking and solid expertise in M&A and private equity transactions. Prior to launching Ventura Partners in 2000, Senol was part of the management of the Corporate Finance Divisions of Finansbank, Körfezbank and K Investment. Ventura Partners, based in Istanbul, is one of the leading M&A consulting agencies in Turkey.

Succes stories from Turkey

A selection of relevant projects

Embark on your Turkey journey with Larive

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth in Turkey’s dynamic market. Let Larive and Ventura Partners be your strategic allies, guiding you through the nuances and complexities of doing business in this Eurasian gem. Unlock the vast potential for your business success in the land where East meets West.

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