Kenya: Business opportunities in the cradle of humanity

Kenya, the cradle of humanity and the vibrant heart of East Africa is a flourishing and dynamic business hub. Boasting a skilled workforce and a strategic location, Kenya offers fertile ground for international companies seeking entry into the East African market. With a GDP exceeding €106 billion and a growth trajectory exceeding 5%, Kenya presents a compelling investment opportunity.

Driving forces of Kenya’s economy

Kenya’s economic landscape is shaped by a vibrant mix of agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and technology. The nation’s strategic location as a gateway to East Africa positions it as a regional powerhouse. With a progressive regulatory environment and a burgeoning middle class, Kenya offers an interesting opportunity for international investment.

Main economic opportunities in Kenya

Agri-business powerhouse
Kenya is a regional leader in agriculture, known for its production of tea, coffee and horticultural products. Agriculture continues to offer opportunities across the entire value chain, from cultivation to processing and export.

Gateway to East Africa
Kenya’s strategic location makes it a gateway to the broader East African market, offering access to over 500 million consumers across the EAC. Kenya boasts well-developed infrastructure, including modern ports and a transportation network.

Tech hub on the rise
Kenya is a burgeoning tech hub, fostering innovation in mobile money, e-commerce and IT solutions. This sector is driven by a young, tech-savvy population and a supportive government framework.

Larive’s local partner since 2010

As a Larive Group partner since 2010, Lattice understands the region’s intricacies, offering guidance to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

Comprehensive solutions for market entry
Lattice offers end-to-end solutions for your East African market entry. From market research to investment structuring and regulatory compliance, we ensure seamless market entry, supporting your ongoing growth in the region.

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Embark on your Kenya journey with Larive

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth in Kenya’s dynamic business landscape. Let Larive and Lattice be your trusted guides, navigating the intricacies and unlocking the vast potential for your business success in the heart of the African Savannah.
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