Helping leaders navigate through unknown foreign territory

Larive brings an integrated portfolio of consulting, experience and local expertise to every emerging market challenge.

At Larive, we believe that successful business endeavours begin with a deeply rooted local presence and an in-depth understanding of the target market. Our commitment to understanding emerging economies forms the foundation of our approach.

What sets Larive apart is our ability to bridge gaps and create opportunities in diverse and dynamic markets. Whether it’s guiding individual businesses or spearheading sector-wide improvements, we are dedicated to facilitating successful market entry and growth strategies. We create a holistic understanding of the complex landscapes of emerging markets, making Larive the strategic partner of choice for businesses seeking success on a global scale.

The business growth spiral can be applied to both individual business ventures as well as partnerships. Through our proven track record, we have shown that collaborative approaches such as Public-Private partnerships (PPPs) are not just successful projects, but catalysts for lasting development within the emerging markets themselves. We do not shy away from the complexities of managing large-scale PPPs. Our meticulous project management qualities ensure a smooth flow of information and resources, thus creating an environment where ambitious plans translate into tangible results.

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