Operational model

Optimizing for efficiency & resilience

Optimise your operational model for efficiency and resilience in emerging markets. From supply chain optimisation to governance frameworks and human capital development, we help you streamline operations, enhance performance, and achieve sustainable growth in dynamic market environments.

Location assessment

Pinpoint the perfect launchpad for your long-term success in emerging markets. Our in-depth analysis considers demographics, infrastructure, regulatory environments, and local business ecosystems. We leverage local expertise to identify potential risks and opportunities within specific regions, ensuring you select the ideal location that aligns with your strategic goals and fosters sustainable growth.

Supply chain efficiency

Forge a resilient and optimised supply chain tailored to the unique challenges of emerging markets. Larive minimises disruptions by identifying potential bottlenecks and implementing effective solutions, working closely with local partners to ensure a smooth flow of goods and services. This enables you to meet customer demands and maintain a competitive edge.

Culture & governance

Bridge the cultural gap and navigate complex regulations with confidence. We foster a deep understanding of local customs, business practices, and legal frameworks within your chosen emerging market. Our team crafts a governance framework that fosters trust, compliance, and responsible growth, ensuring the long-term success of your operations. Additionally, we leverage our local network to build strong relationships with key stakeholders, facilitating a smooth integration into the cultural and business environment.

Much more than just data

Our operational model services aren’t just about data; they’re about strategic partnerships that illuminates your path to success. By navigating complexities and providing actionable insights, Larive empowers your business to thrive in the diverse landscapes of emerging markets.

Operational model success stories

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