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From founding visionary to passionate global business developers

In the year 1975, Joan Larive embarked on a pioneering mission. Engaged by the Algemene Bank Nederland (predecessor of ABN AMRO), he sought to obtain a banking license in Japan. Faced with regulatory, language, and cultural challenges, he envisioned a unique approach. Joan assembled a team of local experts from the financial sector, birthing our innovative business concept: A franchise based model managed by local entrepeneurs deeply rooted in their countries.
Today, the Larive Group spans over 25 countries in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Sub-Saharan Africa. With over 300 passionate strategic business development experts, we are at the forefront of guiding Western-headquartered companies to success in emerging markets.

Core values

Take ownership

We value entrepreneurship and take ownership.

Get things done

We get things done by being proactive and hands-on.

Value partnerships

We develop and maintain partnerships built on trust and mutual respect.

Knowledge driven

We turn insights into winning strategies.

Aligning corporate success with public impact

At Larive, we excel in harmonizing corporate strategies with public policy goals. We go beyond conventional consulting, actively shaping businesses to contribute to societal progress. By seamlessly integrating corporate objectives with broader public needs, we empower our clients to be catalysts for positive change. At Larive, success is not just measured in business achievements but also in the positive impact we collectively make on communities and industries. Welcome to a consulting experience where corporate excellence meets societal advancement.

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