PIB BakeryTechChina: Dutch solutions for the Chinese industrial bakery sector

On April 21, 2017, a Partners for International Business (PIB) covenant was signed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Larive International and the consortium BakeryTechChina. BakeryTechChina BakeryTechChina is a consortium of Dutch companies active in the industrial bakery sector. They will focus on improving industrial bakery production, safety and quality levels throughout the entire value chain […]

Dutch experts train Indonesian poultry farmers

The Netherlands and Indonesia work together to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector. During recent training programs over 60 Indonesian professionals in West-Java and South-Sulawesi gained insight how to improve their operations. Indonesia’s poultry sector Open houses account for >90% of Indonesia’s broiler farms. These wooden buildings often have open water systems and non-optimal temperature conditions […]