Ahmet Tunali of Rijk Zwaan in demonstration polyhouse tumkur

Dutch horticulture expertise for India

In January 2019, the Dutch horticulture consortium HortiTechIndia visited India to share their expertise in the horticulture industry. The goal of the impact tour was to share their expertise in workshops “Dutch greenhouse technology and knowledge, the HortiTechIndia way forward” in Bangalore. Also, the consortium was present at the opening of the new demonstration polyhouse […]

GanBei! – here is your China investment agreement

Guestblog:  Peter Rasmussen (Director Larive Group China) explains how to handle the Chinese drinking etiquettes: I could see that Jens Holgersen was sweating like an animal. He was seriously drunk! “To the bottom, Mr. Jens! Let’s prove that we are both serious about your investment!” the Vice Mayor joked. His staff joined him in a […]