The potential of electric vehicles in Sub Saharan Africa

Where to play: from Europe to Asia, to Africa Following a study performed by the International Council on Clean Transportation, the total global production of electric vehicles reached over ten million in 2020. European manufacturers produced approximately 25% of all electric vehicles, accounting for 2.6 million units.[1] An analysis from IDTechEx shows that sales of […]

Unlocking the Potential of Circular Proteins for Animal Feed in Tanzania

Access to affordable and quality animal feeds is the largest constraint to animal productivity in Tanzania. The feed industry relies on a narrow range of raw materials, which poses a risk, as the costs of these raw materials are rising and the availability is decreasing. As the feed sector is an essential part of the […]

PoultryTechBangladesh trains local Master Farmers to strengthen the Bangladeshi poultry sector

  In Q1 2022, a group of 40 ‘Master Farmers’ in Bangladesh are being trained on broiler and layer management practices, as part of the PoultryTechBangladesh cooperation. PoultryTechBangladesh The Netherlands and Bangladesh work together to strengthen the Bangladeshi poultry sector. The public-private partnership PoultryTechBangladesh comprises leading complementary (non-competitive) parties from various steps in the poultry […]