Asia Base’s 25-year anniversary

Asia Base’s 25-year anniversary

Larive Group partner Asia Base will celebrate its 25-year anniversary in Suzhou, China. Larive International looks back on a fruitful partnership and extensive track-record with successfully supporting clients with entering and expanding their business in China. On behalf of Asia Base, Larive invites its clients and relations to join the celebrations.

On Friday 22 November, about 250-300 guests are expected to join from the past, present and future. The event is divided into day-time seminar (13.00 – 17.00h) and an evening networking event (18.30 – 22.30h). If you want to attend the program, please let us know by email.

Doing business in China seminars (13.00 – 17.00h)

It will be exciting and eventful day with many clients and guests from China’s WFOEs, JVs, startups and business world. Asia Base will provide you the best possible update on status and trends related to foreign business and investment in China – plus a great chance to network with businesspeople who “breathe China” every day.

Learn from six handpicked renowned key-note speakers on hot topics ranging from China’s macro environment as it relates to foreign businesses, current trends in retail and manufacturing, future of “the office” and “the factory” in China, and China’s new Corporate Credibility Rating System. Key-note addresses include:

  • Trade war and war on the rise of China – “Made in China 2025”.
  • The future of “the office” in China – welcome to the world of co-working and co-working spaces.
  • Trends in manufacturing in China – Goodbye sweatshops – Hello 3D printing, AI, robotics.
  • China and the 5G future – a look at China’s Social Credibility system and what it means to foreign businesses in China.
  • Forced technology transfer – is it fake news? How to protect a foreign company in China against IP loss?
  • China after African Swine Fever: Replacing China’s protein supply – what are the alternatives?

Networking event (18.30 – 22.30h)

Exciting evening get-together: Party with great food, crafted drinks, good wine and beer, a key-note address, stand-up, and live music by top class entertainers.

To facilitate networking amongst our guests we ask everyone participating to download the “Attendify” app from AppStore and access our event “Asia Base 25”. Here you can see our program, read about our speakers, and receive updates. You can register by setting up your personal profile in Attendify with information to share with the other participants about yourself. The app also works as social media where you can contact other participants if you wish to arrange meet-ups inside and outside of the event.

Larive-Asia Base track record in China

For more than 25 years Asia Base supported our clients with doing business in China. Some examples:

Vescom: Establishing a Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise in China

Larive-Asia Base supported Vescom with the establishment of a Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE) in China. Vescom develops, produces and distributes high-quality interior products for the international contract market: wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics (www.vescom.com). Larive-Asia Base conducted the full preparations and the establishment of the legal entity in China, allowing Vescom to be close to the market, better understand client requirements and serve their Chinese clientele.

Difrax: Identification and selection of a distributor in China

Difrax is a leading player in design and branding of baby products, such as baby soothers, drinking bottles, and accessories (www.difrax.com). Larive-Asia Base has supported Difrax with defining its market entry strategy in China and assessed the legal framework (import tariffs, trade restrictions, licenses & certifications, design & trademark protection, and product liability). Based on a detailed profile, Larive-Asia Base shortlisted potential distributors for Difrax, organized orientation trips to meet with selected distributors and supported with setting up a partnership with Leyou, China’s leading omnichannel retailer for baby products.

BK Cookware: Market entry strategy China

BK Cookware specializes in the design and production of all kind of cooking ware: cookers, pans, ovens, kitchenware and cutlery (www.bk.nl/en). Larive-Asia Base supported BK Cookware with developing a market entry strategy for China, assessment of legal options for establishing an own entity in China as well as all practical and procedural issues regarding such establishment. Along with this analysis, Larive compiled a feasibility study including financial projections for BK Cookware’s operations in China. In the end, Larive-Asia Base established BK Cookware’s wholly-owned subsidiary (WFOE) in China.

Brabant Alucast: Establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary in China

Brabant Alucast (part of Shiloh Industries – www.shiloh.com) is a leading specialist in the design, development, and production of high-pressure diecast aluminium and magnesium components for the automotive industry. Larive-Asia Base has supported Brabant Alucast with assessing the legal framework related to the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary (WFOE) in China, compiling a business plan/feasibility study report (including budgets and financial projections), facilitating negotiations with Chinese authorities and contractors and support with the establishment of their factory (7,500²) in Jinan, Shandong Province.


Peter Rasmussen of Director Asia Base (exclusive member of the Larive Group in China): “Larive-Asia Base helps foreign companies establish and grow low-cost-low-risk businesses in China, that can compete both locally and internationally. We do this by offering straightforward localized advice on strategy and structure as well as legal and practical project support. Since 1994 we have helped over 300 clients establishing wholly foreign-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures – greenfield, brownfield, and M&A in China. We have also assisted 100’s of existing foreign companies already operating in China expanding and restructuring their businesses to better meet legal and commercial opportunities and challenges in the ever-changing and fast-moving marketplace.”

Asia Base’s 25-year anniversary

Asiabase 25 year anniversary in Suzhou
Asiabase 25 year anniversary in Suzhou

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