BakeryTechChina explores and assists the Chinese industrial bakery market and generates first sales during 2nd impact tour.

BakeryTechChina, a delegation of Dutch companies specialized in the industrial bakery sector and the Dutch Government visited China from November 12-18 on a joint impact tour. The goal of the impact tour was to personally meet selected key players from the Chinese industrial bakery market and explore opportunities to work together. Direct results include the first orders for Dutch cooling equipment that have been concluded.

BakeryTechChina story

The bakery industry in China is developing fast, with industrial bakery companies emerging to take a ‘piece of the pie’. The opportunity to assist the fast growing industrial bakery sector in China have led to a partnership of Dutch companies, knowledge institutes and the Dutch government, formalized in the PIB (partners for international business) consortium ‘BakeryTechChina’.

BakeryTechChina cooperates with China to create resourceful production chains, leverage best-practices and scale-up production in baked goods. The latest technology, equipment and training will help industrial Chinese bakery enterprises to develop new bakery products and build a recognized brand that will ultimately attract more customers. The goals of this partnership are to help the Chinese partners to strengthen the competitiveness of their bakery enterprise through the use of Dutch accumulated expertise.

Industrial bakery production requires the necessary infrastructure and equipment, but moreover practical skills and applied training. For this reason, BakeryTechChina develops and implements a practical training program aimed at process engineers and quality assurance, key aspects that differ from manual production. Securing food safety in bakery products is integral to the value chain approach.

To successfully seize the opportunities, the consortium members work closely together with the Dutch embassy and consulate in China, with support of Larive International and their local counterpart. All members, private and public, offer a distinctive product and service in the industrial bakery value chain.

Second Impact tour

From November 12-18, the consortium visited China to execute an industrial bakery demonstration in the Rademaker China Technology Centre in Hangzhou. Moreover, the consortium personally visited selected leading Chinese industrial bakery companies in Shanghai, Kunshan, Ji’nan and Beijing. The impact tour was concluded with a dinner at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador Mr. Ed Kronenburg in Beijing, together with selected guests from the industry.

Direct outcomes of the impact tour include the newly launched BakeryTechChina WeChat account, in which direct relations with Chinese key stakeholders are maintained, reference visits to the Netherlands and a first order of €150.000 of specialized freezing equipment to be utilized for storage of industrial bakery products. We have only just started with positioning the Dutch industrial bakery sector in China, but a first joint sale is always something to celebrate.

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