BakeryTechChina | Partnership

BakeryTechChina | Partnership

Elevating China’s industrial bakery sector.

  • Region: China
  • Sector: FMCG & Manufacturing (bakery)
  • Duration: 2017-2020
  • 10 Project partners
  • Public-private partnership co-financed by the Dutch government

BakeryTechChina is a public-private partnership pioneered by Larive International, aimed at transforming the industrial bakery sector in China. This consortium brought together the expertise of ten (10) leading Dutch companies spanning the entire bakery value chain, from ingredients and spraying systems to dough preparation, processing, depositing, drying, baking, refrigeration and total system integration.

Key Achievements

    • Facilitated knowledge transfer of Dutch bakery expertise to China.
    • Increased output, product quality, and safety standards in Chinese bakeries.
    • Provided access to leading industrial bakeries in China for 10 Dutch companies.
    • Secured a strong market position for Dutch bakery solutions in China.
    • Established long-term partnerships between Dutch & Chinese bakery companies.
    • Educated Chinese bakery professionals through workshops & demonstrations.

BakeryTechChina Value Chain 2019

Collaborative Approach

The consortium partners joined forces for a three-year period, leveraging their collective strengths to address the challenges and opportunities in China’s rapidly growing bakery market. By combining their cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and industry best practices, BakeryTechChina assured access to the leading industrial bakeries in China.

Comprehensive Solutions

BakeryTechChina provided a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the needs of Chinese industrial bakeries. From high-quality ingredients and advanced dough preparation systems to state-of-the-art baking equipment and efficient refrigeration units, the consortium provided a one-stop solution for optimizing bakery operations and ensuring consistent product quality and food safety.

Market Access and Growth

Through this strategic partnership, the Dutch companies involved in BakeryTechChina gained direct access to leading industrial bakeries in China, enabling them to showcase their expertise and establish a strong foothold in this lucrative market. By collaborating and leveraging their collective resources, the consortium partners secured the required exposure and a market position in the Chinese bakery sector.

Chinese bakery sector

China’s bakery sector has witnessed remarkable growth, driven by evolving consumer preferences and rapid urbanization. Over the past few years, consumption levels have surged from 2 kg to an impressive 5 kg of bakery products per person per annum. As Western food habits continue to gain traction, fueled by the country’s urbanization, the demand for bakery products is projected to double in the next three years, reaching an estimated 9 kg per person per year.

BakeryTechChina: A Successful Partnership

BakeryTechChina aimed to position the Netherlands as the leading country in the field of industrial bakery expertise in China. The consortium contributed to increasing the output of bakery products, improving product quality and safety, and transferring (mid-tech) technology, practical expertise, and knowledge to enhance competitiveness.

Identifying Key Stakeholders

Through personal interviews, the consortium identified 30 leading industrial bakery companies in China. From these companies, partners were selected and visited in person to develop working relationships. The selected stakeholders shared the ambition to grow their businesses and were willing and able to invest in best-in-class solutions and technology.

Impactful Initiatives

The consortium’s first impact tour was organized around the China Bakery Fair in 2017. Follow-up company visits were executed over the subsequent three years. The consortium represented the Dutch bakery sector by being present with a Dutch pavilion at the leading BakeryChina fair. Specific consortium activities included focused product demonstrations at the fully-equipped Rademaker’s Technology Centre in Hangzhou.

Lasting Legacy

Through its collaborative efforts, BakeryTechChina successfully facilitated the transfer of Dutch bakery expertise to China, enabling industrial bakeries to enhance their operations, improve product quality and safety, and increase their competitiveness in the rapidly growing market.

The consortium’s initiatives fostered strong working relationships between Dutch companies and Chinese stakeholders, paving the way for continued cooperation and knowledge exchange in the future.

Education & Best Practices: A Cornerstone of Success

Practical education was a cornerstone of the BakeryTechChina program. To this end, the consortium leveraged their combined expertise through an industrial bakery educational platform, in close cooperation with selected Chinese partners. This allowed for the sharing of expertise and best practices applicable in the Chinese industrial bakery sector, while positioning the Dutch consortium as partners to Chinese stakeholders.

Through hands-on training sessions, workshops, and practical demonstrations, the Dutch companies imparted their knowledge and techniques to their Chinese counterparts. By fostering a collaborative learning environment, the consortium not only shared their technical know-how but also provided valuable insights into optimizing bakery operations, enhancing product quality, and improving overall efficiency.


The consortium, initiated and coordinated by Larive, contained the following sector experts jointly building the industrial bakery value chain.

  • Dijko
  • Integrated Bakery
  • Koma
  • Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum
  • Rademaker
  • Sobatech
  • Tanis Food Tec
  • Unispray
  • Ventilex
  • Zeelandia


Bakery store in China
Bakery store in China

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