Croatia: Business opportunities at the Adriatic crossroads

Croatia, a nation where ancient cities meet a sparkling coastline, offers a dynamic environment for international businesses. This European Union member state boasts a stable government, a skilled workforce, and a GDP exceeding $60 billion. With a growth trajectory exceeding 3%, Croatia presents a compelling destination for companies seeking European expansion.

Driving forces of Croatia’s economy:

Croatia’s economy thrives on diversity, with sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and technology driving forward its development agenda. Croatia boasts a robust manufacturing sector, with a focus on shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, and automotive parts. The country offers a skilled workforce and competitive labour costs. The country’s strategic location within the European Union provides access to a market of over 450 million consumers. This facilitates seamless trade and eliminates trade barriers.

Main economic opportunities in Croatia

Business-friendly environment:
Croatia offers a transparent legal system, readily available office space, and a streamlined business registration process, making it easy for companies to establish a presence.

Tech innovation hub:
Discover Croatia’s emergence as a regional tech innovation hub, where a young and dynamic workforce drives advancements in software development, IT services, and digital entrepreneurship, positioning the country as a hotspot for tech-driven growth.

Tourism triumph:
Explore opportunities in Croatia’s vibrant tourism sector, where the allure of UNESCO World Heritage sites, pristine beaches, and cultural festivals draws millions of visitors each year, presenting endless possibilities for hospitality, leisure, and travel-related ventures.

Larive’s local partner since 2004

Instar’s expertise lies in the reform, Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic advice services. Since their establishment in 2004, the company has focused on small- and medium-sized companies. It has solid relationships with their clients, providing 24/7 involvement in projects and correlation of fees with direct financial benefits sets them apart from others in the market. As part of the Larive Group, Instar knows the ins and outs of doing business in Croatia and has the right contacts to guarantee a successful market entry.

Succes stories from Croatia

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Embark on your Croatia journey with Larive:

Croatia’s potential is vast, yet navigating the intricacies of the European market can be complex. Larive and our esteemed local partner Instar will be your trusted advisors, guiding you through the currents of opportunity and unlocking a path to success at the Adriatic crossroads.

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