Digital learning as a knowledge tool to boost African aquaculture

Knowledge and skills are at the basis of a successful and profitable fish farming enterprise. However, access to knowledge, developed to suit the regional context, is still lacking in East Africa.

One of the key goals of FoodTechAfrica, a partnership of East African and Dutch stakeholders coordinated by Larive International, has always been to unlock access to knowledge in aquaculture. Since the start of this partnership in 2013, over a thousand stakeholders have been practically trained in fish farming subjects.

To improve access to knowledge and practical skills, FoodTechAfrica partners Lattice Aqua and Larive International started the Aquaculture Academy. The Aquaculture Academy provides essential tools for East African (future) fish farmers: practical, accessible and business-oriented training programs covering all essential aspects of aquaculture production.

To increase the reach of the Academy, and to provide access to knowledge to the entire sector and beyond, Lattice Aqua and Larive International have also developed an extensive digital curriculum. As part of FoodTechAfrica and the Aquaculture Academy, and in partnership with Skretting Africa and Blue Planet Academy, the digital courses provide videos covering all aspects of fish farming in East Africa.

East Africa as a region is rapidly digitizing. With its young and dynamic demographic and mobile penetration of over 90%, especially Kenya is leading the adoption of digital technology in Africa. This offers significant opportunities to share knowledge and reach farmers, in aquaculture and other agricultural sectors.

The developed digital curriculum serves as such a tool. It is based upon practical, in-the-field experiences, utilizing actual footage from fish farming in the region. All e-learning videos are available to watch for free in the Blue Planet Academy Wiki, with certified courses available upon request. The digital curriculum can be accessed through the following link:


The digital curriculum currently consists of the following modules:

  1. Farming systems
  2. Farm management
  3. Feed management
  4. Genetics
  5. Health management

The digital curriculum is under constant development, ensuring the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge. Curious to see what kind of content we offer? Follow the link to the Blue Planet Academy or check out the pictures below!

As part of FoodTechAfrica and the Aquaculture Academy, the digital courses provide videos covering all aspects of fish farming in East Africa.