Dutch partnership opens first modern poultry slaughterhouse in Myanmar

Dutch partnership opens first modern poultry slaughterhouse in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar


Myanmar (52 MN inhabitants) is a country in transition, which has been going through vast economic, political and social transformations in recent years. Thanks to strong economic growth, there is an increasing demand for sustainable, locally produced and safe poultry products. The domestic market is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 12-15% till 2025.

Consequently, there is an enormous potential and need for capacity expansion in domestic poultry production, slaughtering and (further) processing activities. However, this will have to go hand in hand with improving Myanmar’s competitive position, which requires an increase in productivity, amongst others via introducing enhanced (more knowledge-intensive) and appropriate production systems.

The Netherlands would like to contribute to the development of the poultry sector in Myanmar, as it is internationally renowned for responsible production of poultry products, innovation and creating added value. Policies and processes applied in the Netherlands regarding food quality, product safety and hygiene are considered as the highest international standards. The Dutch poultry sector (knowledge institutes, government agencies and private sector) can add significant value in developing a more competitive and responsible poultry sector in Myanmar. At the same time, the Myanmar poultry sector offers business opportunities for Dutch companies.

Since 2015, a consortium of leading companies and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands has been established with the ambition to develop their position as trusted suppliers and contribute to a more competitive and responsible poultry sector in Myanmar. The Consortium includes Aeres, Belgabroed, De Heus, GD Animal Health, Marel Poultry, MSD Merck Intervet, Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition and Van Aarsen. Larive International and its Myanmar-based partner Thura Swiss have been the initiators and coordinators of this partnership, which is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been closely working with the Myanmar Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development and the Myanmar Livestock Federation.

Development of modern slaughtering capacity has been earmarked as a key priority for  improvement of the poultry sector in Myanmar. On 13 March 2020, the first modern poultry slaughterhouse of Myanmar, with a capacity of 1,000 birds per hour, has been opened at the premises of Wai Yang Aung in Yangon in the attendance of more than 100 representatives from the Myanmar poultry sector, the Myanmar Government and international institutions. The facility has been supplied with Marel Poultry equipment, allowing to meet the highest international standards in terms of hygiene, food safety, working conditions and animal welfare. For an impression of the opening please follow this link.

Arno Willemink, Managing Director of De Heus Myanmar and partner of Wai Yang Aung: “By establishing modern slaughterhouse capacity, we are able to supply the premium market such as modern retail, quick serving restaurants and international hotel chains. This will contribute to the increased confidence and acceptance among Myanmar consumers about the advances of safely processed poultry meat. In addition, it allows for more stable prices for our clients, the independent broiler farmers in Myanmar”.

Matthias Brienen, Director of Larive International and coordinator of the consortium: “Developing modern slaughtering capacity is important to strengthen the competitive position of the poultry sector in Myanmar. During the past years, the Dutch consortium has shown that their integrated approach and technologies fit with the needs of local stakeholders and Dutch technologies and solutions are commercially and technically viable”.

About De Heus

At De Heus we contribute to the availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food in a sustainable manner. Through our products, knowledge and experience, we help livestock and fish farmers progress all over the world. As a family-owned company, we are entrepreneurs. We actively seek opportunities to create value and impact in the animal protein production chain. We have an experienced team of thousands of professionals, working in over 20 countries all over the world. This is how we contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. We call it “powering progress” (www.deheus.com).

About Larive

Larive International is a Netherlands-headquartered international business development firm specialized in assisting companies in entering and expanding their business activities in high-growth markets. Thanks to its presence and local deeply embedded teams in 24 countries throughout Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa, Larive is able to provide unique business intelligence, define the optimal market entry and growth strategies and guide its clients with effective implementation. At Larive, we are passionate about high growth markets! (www.larive.com).


For more information, please contact Matthias Brienen (matthias.brienen@larive.com).



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