Dutch Vice Minister Drs. Marten van den Berg and the economic trade mission visit FoodTechIndia.

During the recent Dutch economic trade mission to India last week, the Dutch delegation under guidance of Dutch Vice Minister for Foreign Trade, Drs. Marten van den Berg visited the FoodTechIndia project in Bangalore. The delegation also consisted of the Dutch Ambassador of India, Fons Stoelinga as well as several other representatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

The visit took place at one of the collection and distribution centers of our partners, Future Group, where all the produce are collected from our FoodTechIndia farmers and further distributed to the Future retail outlets. After a small presentation on the unique concept of FoodTechIndia, a round table discussion was held amongst the partners of the FoodTechIndia project and the members of the Dutch economic trade mission on the current situation of food wastage, the growing need of food security and sustainable development in India and how the Dutch knowledge and expertise are a major addition in value in solving these issues.

With continuous efforts and support from partners as well as the governments of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and India, FoodTechIndia will keep continuing showcasing an innovative and sustainable model to reduce food wastage.

“FoodTechIndia is a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch agro-food companies, knowledge institutes, governmental agencies and their Indian counterparts to reduce food wastage through the establishment of an improved supply and cold chain, while training 10 000 farmers in more efficient ways of farming as well.”

Phuong Oanh TranProject Manager FoodTechIndia

For more information please visit: www.foodtechindia.nl


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