EU Structural Funds in Romania (September, 2012)

EU Structural Funds in Romania (September, 2012)

EU Structural Funds in Romania

Several governments in Central- & Eastern Europe offer foreign investors grants which can have a value of up to 70% of the total investment sum. Larive Romania has more than ten years of experience in accessing EU non reimbursable funds and can assist you locally in getting access to such funds. We have obtained grants between EUR 150.000 up to EUR 1.5 million.

Some high-lines about EU Structural Funds in Romania:

  • Financial allocation 2007 – 2013: EUR 32.1 billion
  • Sectors: Industry, Agriculture, Transport, Environment, Regional, Technical Assistance and Human Resources
  • Applicants: all companies, SME’s or large enterprises
  • Size of grant for SME’s (a) up to 1.075 000 Lei or b) 1 075 000 – 6 450 000 lei
  • Size of grant for large companies ( up to a ) equivalent of 5 mio EUR
  • Possibility to get an advance payment of 35 % from the subsidy (Warranty Letter request)

The following types of projects are financed:

  • Development of a new production unit ( factory /production section)
  • Modernize / upgrade the factory / up scaling the existent production capacity (new equipment /installations, automated technologies.
  • Introduction of new technologies.
  • Diversifying production by launching new products and services
  • Acquisition of intangible assets (software, licenses, brevet, know how, technical solutions )

If you are interested or need more information, please contact Larive International.

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