Food Tech Holland Innovative Chain Solutions (September, 2012)

Food Tech Holland Innovative Chain Solutions (September, 2012)


Food Tech Holland is a consortium of highly innovative Dutch companies operating in the food sector providing for high tech solutions along the supply chain. The unique technologies can be tailored to the specific Indian needs. The strength of the Dutch food processing sector lies in its integral approach (“chain approach”) of food production, processing, cooling techniques, logistics, distribution and storage of a diverse range of food products. The knowledge about different food products and the value chain underpins Food Tech Holland with its state-of-the-art technology.


The innovative technologic solutions provide Indian companies, active in the food sector, with a strong competitive edge. Innovation brings about improved quality, productivity and efficiency resulting in added value to customers and a rapidly growing profit margin.


Food Tech Holland offers solutions for companies that seek to respond to the increasing demand for food products in the Indian market and that want to meet the present-day international food safety requirements. Holland, as an exporting country of fresh food products, has a leading reputation in the food processing industry. The Food Tech Holland solutions guarantee high quality products, customer satisfaction while upholding a profitable and cost-effective focus.

Participating companies are:

  • Capway Systems
  • Rademaker
  • Market Food Group
  • Rijk Zwaan
  • East West International
  • Tolsma Techniek
  • Kiremko
  • Vlees Hypor
  • MPS
  • Metaflex
  • Koeling/dienstverlening Partner Logistics
  • RBK Groep
  • IBK Groep
  • Food Tech Holland Impact Tour

From 28 March until 2 April 2011 the Food Tech Holland Impact Tour will be held in India. The Impact Tour will start off in Mumbai where the Food Forum Conference will take place. Additionally, various meetings with prominent players in the Indian food market will be organised. The Food Tech Holland Impact Tour will end in New Delhi where governmental bodies and companies will unite. The Impact Tour is very promising and will enable the consortium members to demonstrate the advantages of their chain solutions to the Indian food industry.

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