FoodTechBangladesh | Partnership

FoodTechBangladesh | Partnership

Contributing to a more sustainable aquaculture sector in Bangladesh

  • Region: Bangladesh
  • Sector: Aquaculture
  • Duration: 2022-Active
  • 6 Project partners
  • Public-private partnership co-financed by the Dutch government


Dutch-Bangladeshi partnership invests EUR 6 MN to contribute to a more sustainable aquaculture sector in Bangladesh

Thanks to climatic conditions and the rich prevalence of water bodies, Bangladesh is among the largest producers of freshwater fish and shrimp in the world. The aquaculture sector has been growing steadily over the last couple of decades and offers promising potential to further food security and private sector investments, however, various challenges remain. The Dutch government has the ambition to contribute to a more competitive and responsible aquaculture sector in Bangladesh. 

Matthias Brienen, Director of Larive International: “Strengthening the aquaculture sector in Bangladesh requires an increase in domestic productivity in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This can be realised via introducing technologies developed in the Netherlands, such as genetics, feed, and controlled breeding and farming systems which have been proven in other emerging markets, in combination with technical advice”. 

In 2022, a public-private partnership between Dutch and Bangladeshi companies named FoodTechBangladesh has been established aiming to improve the technical performance of fish breeders and farmers in Bangladesh by demonstrating best practices and transferring know-how (e.g. by providing training programs). The FoodTechBangladesh partnership is co-financed by the Netherlands Embassy in Bangladesh.

The partnership has been initiated and coordinated by Larive International and its Bangladesh-based affiliate LightCastle Partners and includes:

  • FishTech
  • Gemini Seafood
  • Larive International (initiator and coordinator)
  • LightCastle Partners
  • Royal De Heus
  • Viqon

Over 1,800 local fish breeders and farmers will receive training at the Centres of Excellence and via online courses. In addition, the partnership aims to reduce post-harvest losses by connecting fish breeders and farmers directly and more widely to end markets.

Activities implemented and achieved milestones.

The partnership implements a range of activities, including:

  1. Establish 4 Centres of Excellence in Khulna, Mymensingh, Cox’s Bazar, and Patuakhali to introduce and demonstrate different types of improved and more sustainable techniques for fish breeding and cultivation.
  2. Conduct research and trials with on-farm products (feed, additives, aqua specialties, antibiotic replacers, etc.).
  3. Implement technical assistance programs, interacting with >800 fish breeders and farmers via on-site training and >1,000 fish breeders and farmers via online training programs.
  4. Introduce a farmer app to monitor the technical performance of fish breeders and farmers in Bangladesh.
  5. Improve connections between farmers and end markets (reducing post-harvest losses and cutting out traders).
  6. Improve awareness of Dutch aquaculture expertise in Bangladesh.

H.E. Anne van Leeuwen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangladesh: “The Dutch Embassy in Bangladesh supports the development of more sustainable agri-food value chains in Bangladesh and encourages Dutch companies to locally invest together with local stakeholders. We are glad that via this cooperation we are able to contribute to increased food security, more sustainable water usage and strengthening the cooperation between the Dutch and Bangladeshi private sector”.


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