FoodTechHolland | Partnership

FoodTechHolland | Partnership

High-tech solutions along the Indian supply chain

  • Region: India
  • Sector: Commodities & Horticulture
  • Duration: 2010-2016
  • 17 Project partners
  • Public-private partnership co-financed by the Dutch government

A consortium of highly innovative Dutch companies operating in the food sector providing high-tech solutions along the supply chain.

Key Achievements

  • Explored and innovated Indian agro-food value chains (bakery, fruits & vegetables, meat & fish, cooling, education).
  • Facilitated knowledge transfer of Dutch technologies and best practices.
  • Organized industry events like fairs, impact tours, and exchange programs.
  • Conducted demonstration projects and feasibility studies in India.
  • Connected Dutch companies with Indian stakeholders for potential partnerships.

FoodTechHolland (FTH) is a public-private partnership that has been active in India from 2010 until 2016. As a consortium of Dutch agro-food companies, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Partners for International Business program. The consortium partners of FoodTechHolland have worked together to explore and innovate Indian agro-food value chains. Activities such as fairs, impact tours, exchange programs, demonstration projects and feasibility studies were organized. Dutch knowledge and innovation was transferred into different sectors: bakery, fruit & vegetables, meat & fish, cooling and education.


The consortium initiated and coordinated by Larive contains the following sector experts:

  • IBK Groep
  • Hypor
  • Kiremko
  • Koppert
  • Larive (initiator and coordinator)
  • Lentiz Onderwijsgroep
  • MPS
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  • Priva
  • Rademaker
  • RBK
  • Rijkzwaan
  • Schouten Europe
  • SELO
  • Solidpack
  • Tolsma
  • VEK Adviesgroep
  • VHL
  • WUR (Wageningen University & Research)


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