FoodTechIndia: Consortium of leading Dutch and Indian companies start cooperation (June, 2015)

On 1 May 2015, a consortium of leading Dutch and Indian entrepreneurs started the implementation of FoodTechIndia, a project focused on reduction of food wastage and inclusive economic growth in India.

The project aims to reduce food wastage in the country through the implementation of an integrated supply and cold chain infrastructure for fruits and vegetables. The project is also focused on creating sustainable inclusive economic growth among local small scale farmers, via extensive training and opening up markets.

What is included in the project?
Together the consortium will focus on the following activities:

  1. Cooperate with local farmers via local NGO Art of Living to set-up 20 polyhouses, assisted by international and local cultivation specialists in Tamil Nadu and/or Karnataka;
  2. Build collection points for the farmers with non-grid dependable decentralized adiabatic cooling;
  3. Add value to the selected products through sorting, processing, (recognizable) packaging and (refrigerated) distribution;
  4. Set up a track and trace system from local farmer to retailer, to continuously improve efficiency within the supply and cold chain;
  5. Provide direct market access for local farmers through close cooperation with consortium partner Future Group (Future Consumer Enterprise Limited).

What are we aiming for with this project?
With this project the consortium wants to accomplish a considerable reduction of food waste in Karnataka/Tamil Nadu, leading to increased food security in the area as well as inclusive economic growth for the small scale farmers we will involve.

The consortium, consists of the following partners: (1) high quality seed supplier Rijk Zwaan, (2) knowledge institute TNO, providing a technical solutions for sustainable decentralized cold storage based on solar energy, (3) Broekman Logistics India, a one stop logistics service provider, (4) Future Consumer Enterprise Limited, an Indian retail group, (5) Art of Living, a local NGO, (6) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and (7) Larive International, project initiator and coordinator.

Why these partners?
The partners are all key players in their respective fields and strongly complementary to each other. The strength of the consortium lies in its integral approach (‘chain approach’) toward fruit & vegetables cultivation, harvesting, logistics, storage, cooling, processing, packaging and distribution to the consumer.

Want to know more?
Visit www.FoodTechIndia.com or contact us at info@larive.com, or by telephone via +31 (0) 30 – 69 33 22 1.