Grand opening FoodTechIndonesia demonstration broiler farm

In attendance of the Mr. Joost van Uum, Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and representatives of the FoodTechIndonesia consortium, the grand opening of the demonstration broiler farm at the premises of PT. Januputra Sejahtera farm in Sleman, Central Java, took place on Monday 4 July 2022.

As part of the FoodTechIndonesia initiative, an existing open broiler farmhouse (16,000 birds, 2 floors) of Januputra has been upgraded in 2020-2021 to a closed farmhouse by implementing Dutch solutions, fitting to local conditions. Furthermore, technical assistance has been provided via implementing training programs to the Januputra staff and independent broiler farmers from the Central Java region.

The approach of investments in farm equipment (heating, ventilation, closed drinking systems, lighting and disinfection) in combination with theoretical and practical training, allowed Januputra to increase its technical performance substantially. Results from the first five completed cycles show an improved Production Efficiency Index of >30%, production volume (harvested weight) >85%, decreased bird mortality ratio by >50% (decline of 2.5‰) and the improved Feed Efficiency Index (FCR) by 19.5% (from 1.9 to 1.5). Furthermore, labour, energy and medicine costs per bird significantly decreased.

In total, FoodTechIndonesia invested EUR 0.43/bird in terms of equipment. For Januputra, the improvements and costs reductions resulted in a profitability increase of >200% and return of investment is <2.5 years. Given the positive results, Januputra explores the possibility to upgrade all his farmhouses, which exemplifies the feasibility of the FoodTechIndonesia solutions in the Indonesian broiler sector.

Dutch contribution to more sustainable poultry value chain in Indonesia

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for responsible and sustainable production of poultry products, innovation and creating added value. Policies and practices applied in the Netherlands regarding food quality, circularity, product safety and hygiene are considered as the highest international standards.

A Consortium of leading companies and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands active in various steps of the poultry value chain – named ‘FoodTechIndonesia’ – cooperates to strengthen their position as trusted suppliers and contribute to a more competitive, sustainable and responsible poultry sector in Indonesia.

Partners in FoodTechIndonesia includes Aeres, De Heus, DSM, Hato, Kanters, Marel Poultry, Mavitec, Moba, Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition and Van Aarsen. The partnership is initiated and coordinated by Larive International and its Indonesia-based affiliate Clarity Research. FoodTechIndonesia is a public-private partnership in cooperation with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia.

The FoodTechIndonesia consortium shares best practices by establishing demonstration farms and providing training to Indonesian poultry farmers, contributing to the development of the Indonesian poultry sector. For more information, contact our colleague Iris Boom iris.boom@larive.com  / +31 30 693 32 21

The FoodTechIndonesia consortium will be exhibiting at the Indo Livestock expo from Wednesday 6 – Friday 8 July 2022.

The FoodTechIndonesia consortium shares best practices by establishing demonstration farms and providing training.