Our partner in India: Sannam S4

Our partner in India: Sannam S4

Expansion for any business brings about a vast array of new and exciting opportunities. For businesses looking to venture into new territories, outside of what is familiar, having the guidance and expertise on hand of a trusted partner, can alleviate any anxieties that such a prospect can present.


Faced with such a prospect, in 2015, Larive International exclusively partnered with Sannam S4 to help expand its global footprint into the Indian marketplace. In this collaborative relationship, both organisations support clients looking to expand in India, obtain business intelligence, create market entry and growth strategies, and implement post-entry services including partnerships and wider strategic development.


Who is Sannam S4?

Sannam S4 provides a unique blend of sector expertise mixed with technical delivery skills in market research, finance and accounting, tax and compliance and HR advisory.  This is packaged up to provide support to clients from Sannam S4’s five business centres, allowing us to support clients across the country.


Whether you’re focusing on growing international teams, following regulatory footprints to the letter or need support managing the balance of local and central, our specialist team is here to help. Our extensive experience working with businesses and nonprofits, combined with our financial expertise and on-the-ground approach, makes us your perfect partner for your upcoming expansion.


Sannam S4 has a multitude of organisational expansions under their belts and the insight required to optimise international finance, HR, compliance plus global expansion and business-level strategy.

What Sannam S4 does


The work at Sannam S4 fits neatly into four development areas:

As experts in all areas of international expansion, their reach and support covers every aspect of development necessary for long-term success. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke solution for global expansion consulting or complete management, Sannam S4 and Larive International can make it happen. With us as the experts you can stay focused on your core business.

How we help

Sannam S4 supports businesses and nonprofits by first understanding the challenges that organisations face. As a team we are fully immersed in the challenges and risks that any organisation may encounter when expanding, allowing us to provide a streamlined and safe solution. We navigate all aspects of going international, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and day-to-day running of your existing sites. We take the work out of expansion so you can continue to do what you do best.


Example Larive International and Sannam S4 projects?

Larive International and Sannam S4 work on a diverse range of projects covering business, government and nonprofit.  Examples include:

  • Market validation and commercial due diligence of target acquisition partner.
  • Project management support to long term public-private partnership project focused on reducing food wastage.
  • Management of hortitech initiative – working closely with consortia partners to identify partnership opportunities.
  • Market opportunity review and financial structuring advice for leading university.
  • Deep dive value chain analysis for India’s shrimp industry.
  • Deep dive market assessment and target partner analysis in India’s aquaculture sector.
  • Market analysis and target partner analysis in the commercial bakery equipment sector.
  • Market analysis and target partner analysis in alternative proteins.
  • Support with numerous delegations of organisations from the Netherlands.


Larive International and Sannam S4’s work often involves working hand in glove with partner organisations including trade bodies and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India.

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