Kick-off visit Netherlands-Myanmar Poultry Cooperation (October, 2015)

Kick-off visit Netherlands-Myanmar Poultry Cooperation (October, 2015)

The Netherlands-Myanmar Poultry Cooperation, a Consortium of leading companies and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands is committed to strengthen the poultry sector in Myanmar, in close cooperation with their local counterparts. From 11 – 15 October 2015, a delegation of poultry experts from the Consortium visited Myanmar to lounge the 3-year Public-Private Partnership.

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Netherlands-Myanmar Poultry Cooperation

Since 2011, the Myanmar government has opened the country to the global market and has taken significant social and economic reforms. As a result, Myanmar is now growing at an annual rate of 7-8%. Population growth, urbanization and increasing purchasing power of a rising middle class result in a strong increasing demand towards more protein-rich products, such as poultry. Consumption of poultry products in Myanmar is therefore expected to more than double within the next 10 years.

Consequently, there is an enormous potential for capacity expansion in domestic poultry production, slaughtering and (further) processing activities. This will however have to go hand-in-hand with improving the competitive position, which requires a strong increase in productivity, amongst others by improving knowhow and the skills of those working in the poultry sector and develop and introduce enhanced (knowledge-intensive) and appropriate production systems.

foto 1Open house broiler farm in Hlegue, Yangon State

Public-private partnership: adding value in Myanmar

The Netherlands has the ambition to contribute to the development of the Myanmar poultry sector, as it is internationally renowned for responsible production of poultry products, innovation and creating added value. Policies & processes applied in the Netherlands regarding food quality, product safety and hygiene are considered as the highest international standards. The Dutch poultry sector (knowledge institutes, government agencies and private sector) can add significant value in developing a more competitive and responsible poultry sector in Myanmar. At the same time, the Myanmar poultry sector offers business opportunities for Dutch companies.

A Consortium of leading companies and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands is committed to cooperate in strengthening the poultry sector in Myanmar. Partners are Van Aarsen, De Heus, Pas Reform, Belgabroed, Marel Stork, Aeres vocational training institute, MSD Merck Intervet and GD Animal Health. The partnership is coordinated by Larive International, in close cooperation with the Myanmar Livestock Federation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Myanmar. All parties contribute to this cooperation in terms of time and/or investment. The cooperation receives grant funding from the Dutch government within the context of the 2g@there OS program.










Breeding farm in Taik Kyi, Yangon State.


The strength of Public-Private Partnership lies in its integral approach towards the poultry value chain and cooperation between innovative companies and knowledge institutes offering complementary knowledge and solutions to respond to the increasing demand for poultry products in Myanmar. This allows for efficient linkages within the entire poultry value chain, stimulating knowledge transfer, accessing human resources and enabling technical capacity building.

Within the next 3 years, the Consortium will strengthen the poultry sector in Myanmar, mainly by transfer of knowhow (e.g. providing training programs) and demonstration of best practices (e.g. pilots). Specific attention on animal health and the prevention, control and contamination of animal diseases, breeding, hatching and  farm management and food safety and product quality, as it is expected that significant improvements it these segments can be realized.

Kick-off visit

From 11-15 October 2015 a delegation of the Consortium visited Myanmar. The Dutch experts met with local poultry players including Crystal Diamond Livestock and Sunjin Myanmar and the Myanmar Livestock Federation. Furthermore, field visits to broiler, layer & DOC farms and a feed mill took place.







Kick-off meeting with Myanmar Livestock Federation (MLF) in Yangon.

On Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October the Consortium participated at the Myanmar Livestock Expo in Yangon. The Expo was formally opened by Netherlands Ambassador Mr. Karel Hartogh. The Consortium gave presentations about the envisioned goals and activities of the Public-Private Partnership and shared views on relevant developments in the poultry sector. Mr. Ohn Myint, Deputy Prime Minister of the Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development of Myanmar, was chairman of the seminar.












Mr. Gerard Wellenberg of GD Animal Health presenting at Myanmar Livestock Expo in Yangon.

More information about the Consortium can be found in the attached document.

Brochure Netherlands – Myanmar Poultry Cooperation_version 07.10.2015

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