Lattice Consulting – Case in point

Lattice Consulting – Case in point

Over the course of two years, Lattice supported a major player in Kenya’s automotive industry together with all its major dealers in strategy development and implementation through Lattice’s 7D Methodology captured below. The 7D methodology has been developed over a long period of time and keeps being refined using lessons from various assignments. Talk about lessons learned!

1. Define
The objective of the define phase is to ensure that key stakeholders are aligned on the objectives and scope of the strategy exercise.

2. Discover
The objective of the discovery phase is to uncover enough information about the organization to paint an accurate picture of the organization as it exists today. It is important for stakeholders to understand that the objective is to describe rather than to prescribe. This is carried out through 3 primary information gathering activities – Discussion, Data Analysis, and Desk Study

3. Diagnose
The Discover phase culminates in the Diagnostic Workshop with the objective of feeding back the findings of the Discover phase to stakeholders.

4 & 5. Design & Develop
Once the diagnostic workshop is concluded, Lattice convenes a Development Workshop, with selected stakeholders. The objective of the development workshop is to identify critical success factors, key business drivers, and key battles in the operating environment that the organization must make hard choices about in order to be successful.

6. Deliver
Lattice employs the strategy/ capability framework to identify which capabilities the organization needs to develop or strengthen in order to deliver on the strategy. This results in a list of initiatives that the organization must execute on in order to build the capabilities that will deliver the strategy.

7. Deploy
This stage entails the implementation of the strategy and continuous review and evaluation of the milestones being achieved.


So, in this case the 7D strategy resulted in the company growing its market share from 11% to 34% over a four-year period. Need we say more?

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