New FoodTechIndonesia milestone: Installation of a layer demonstration farm in Magelang, Central Java, completed

New FoodTechIndonesia milestone: Installation of a layer demonstration farm in Magelang, Central Java, completed


The Netherlands and Indonesia cooperate to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector. The FoodTechIndonesia consortium comprises leading complementary (non-competitive) parties from various steps in the Dutch broiler and layer poultry value chain, which enables to provide Indonesian companies with integrated solutions.

FoodTechIndonesia has been initiated by business development consultancy firm Larive International and its Indonesia-based affiliate Clarity Research. The consortium includes Aeres Training Centre International, Royal De Heus, DSM Nutritional Products, Hato, Kanters Special Products, Marel Poultry, Mavitec, Moba, Royal Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition and Van Aarsen.

Demonstration farms

The realization of broiler and layer demonstration farms, to showcase how Dutch solutions and products can support poultry sector development in Indonesia, is an integral part of the partnerships’ activities.

Last year, the consortium upgraded an existing open broiler farmhouse in Sleman, Central Java to a closed farmhouse by implementing Dutch solutions, fitting to local conditions. The results of this localised demonstration farm were astonishing with an improvement in the Production Efficiency Index (technical performance) of over 30%.

Last week, the partnership finalized the installation of the demonstration layer farm in Magelang (Central Java). The demonstration farm is situated at the premises of Sumber Rejo Farm owned by Manbudi.

Demonstration layer farm

To showcase the technical and commercial feasibility of Dutch farming solutions, an existing farmhouse of Manbudi has been upgraded. The farmhouse went from an open house design without any climate control measures to a closed design aimed to increase the level of biosecurity and animal welfare, reduce farm operating risks and improve technical and financial performance. The upgrade included investments in a drinking line system, climate control, walls, fans, biosecurity and lightning.


Pictures of farmhouse pre-installation ©FoodTechIndonesia (2021).


The upgraded demonstration farmhouse will host around 6,000 pullets. The partnership will closely monitor the technical and commercial results of the farmhouse and compare these with pre-upgrade results. Keep an eye on the Larive website & social media accounts to stay tuned on the farm performance!

Pictures of installation & upgraded farmhouse ©FoodTechIndonesia (2021).

Upcoming activities

The upgraded layer farmhouse will function as a demonstration and training location for layer farmers from the Central Java region. The facility showcases that investments in Dutch products and solutions are commercially attractive and applicable to Indonesian needs.

Besides farm tours, layer management training programs for local farmers will be provided. The implementation of these programs is led by Aeres Training Centre International, DSM, Larive International and its Indonesia-based affiliate Clarity Research. As the global pandemic poses international travel restrictions, the cluster decided to implement a new knowledge transfer method in the form of a blended-learning (virtual-physical) training program. In this method, selected Indonesian ‘Master Trainers’ will receive intensive virtual training from Aeres which prepares them to physically transfer knowledge, training materials and best practices to Indonesian layer farmers.

The Master Trainers, including staff from the demonstration farm, DSM and Clarity Research, will receive virtual training in September 2021. This training includes detailed e-learning modules, providing them with knowledge, tools, materials and didactic skills required to successfully train local layer farmers. From October 2021 onwards, multiple physical and practical training programs will be provided to independent layer farmers in Central Java. The objective of these practical programs is to increase the knowledge level of farm managers (and indirectly their employees), focusing on farm equipment and biosecurity (poultry housing criteria, water supply, heating, light and ventilation) and applied management (brooding management, monitoring, feed, litter and transport management). Furthermore, awareness is created on food safety, animal welfare and environmental topics.


If you have any questions about FoodTechIndonesia contact Iris Boom, Project manager at Larive International.

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