Trainees from Myanmar at PTC+ Barneveld

Trainees from Myanmar at PTC+ Barneveld

From 27 March – 6 April 2017 a delegation of ten trainees from the Myanmar poultry sector visited the campus of PTC+ in Barneveld for training.

Netherlands – Myanmar Poultry Cooperation

Consumption of poultry products in Myanmar is expected to double within the next ten years. The Netherlands would like to contribute to the development of the poultry sector in Myanmar and improve its position in this emerging market.

A consortium of companies and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands/Belgium has set up a public-private partnership named ‘Netherlands – Myanmar Poultry Cooperation’ in September 2015, with the goal to strengthen the poultry sector in this emerging market.

Core activities include transfer of knowhow (via providing training and workshop programs) and demonstration of best practices. The consortium works together with the Myanmar Livestock Federation and the Myanmar Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development.

Poultry spring course

As part of the Netherlands – Myanmar Poultry Cooperation, PTC+ offers a 2-week training program for the trainees from Myanmar focused on the different aspects concerning the poultry chain. Besides, they gain firsthand knowledge of the latest developments and trends on poultry. This relates to initial as well post-initial knowledge of the poultry sector, with special attention to the input from international business.

The training included:

Central module

  • Sector information, market position (poultry value chain).
  • Poultry health, biosecurity and poultry diseases.
  • Feeding strategies, feed requirements.
  • Technical developments of housing systems, ventilation and climate monitoring.
  • Welfare and animal behaviour, sustainable production.

Laying hens

  • Production systems and market concepts.
  • Egg quality.
  • Company visits: layer farms, egg processors.


  • Production systems and market concepts.
  • Food safety.
  • Company visits: broiler farms, slaughterhouses, poultry processors.

PTC+ coordinates the training with Larive International. In May 2016 a first delegation from Myanmar visited the Netherlands. Together with the consortium they will continue its cooperation with its Myanmar counterparts in order to contribute to a more competitive and responsible poultry sector in Myanmar.

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