Our East African partner Lattice Consulting

Our East African partner Lattice Consulting

Lattice Company Overview

Lattice Consulting is a boutique advisory firm supporting businesses in strategy development and corporate finance, corporate education, and new market entry. We help organizations think through and action complex business questions whose resolution enables them to unlock growth.

Over the last sixteen years, Lattice clients have included Kenya’s largest companies and Kenya’s most compelling growth stories, all of whom have valued our ability to bring the power of new thinking to the daily churn of business challenges that they face. Our experience spans all sectors of the economy from financial services and manufacturing to agriculture, real estate and hospitality, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, education, and healthcare. Lattice principals and associates combine over sixty years of private and public-sector experience across various sectors and functional areas.

Lattice is also the East African representative of Larive International (based in the Netherlands), advising European and Asian companies seeking to enter East Africa. Larive has deep and broad experience and networks in agribusiness.

Project and Corporate Finance

  • We help to raise capital for businesses- both debt and equity
  • We partner with companies at all stages, for mergers and acquisition transactions


  • We are your thought partners in developing insights to orchestrate your business to achieve its objectives
  • We help you overcome the natural resistance to implement your strategy

Market Entry and Research

  • We help you enter new markets more efficiently, develop a new product or test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
  • We also offer distributor searches and administration services for companies looking to enter the East African Market.

Corporate Education

We use modern techniques to grow your team in

  • Commercial awareness and business acumen
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Financial modelling
  • Strategic planning

Independent Business Review

Our Independent Business Reviews (IBR) service offering is built on the key pillars of our corporate finance practice (due diligence, valuation, financial restructuring, fundraising). Our strategy advisory practice (analysing business models, designing interventions to address growth challenges, and supporting implementation to deliver tangible growth).

Under the Lattice Consulting Limited, Umbrella falls two companies: Lattice Training Limited and Lattice Aquaculture Limited.

Lattice Training operates in East, West, and Southern Africa, offering training that is focused on delivering a solid Return on Investment (ROI) to clients.

The training programs include Financial Modelling, Excel, Presentation Skills, Sales Effectiveness, and Agricultural Value Chain (currently being offered online).

Lattice Aquaculture specializes in the East African Aquaculture sector and Aquaculture development. Lattice Aqua provides a wide range of services to a diverse clientele locally, regionally, and internationally, offering solutions to specific aquaculture initiatives intended to promote sustainable aquaculture development in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and  Rwanda.

Focus areas are;

  • Aquaculture value chain development
  • Aquaculture financial management training
  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer
  • Social and economic development through Aquaculture
  • Water and Environment conservation in Aquaculture


Values and Goals

  1. Global Experience, Local Expertise
    Lattice staff and board bring together a team with both global experience and local expertise and networks. This unique background allows us to offer our clients the best of both worlds, which results in incisive and breakthrough solutions.
  1. Learning and Growth
    We are committed to continuous innovation and international best practices in our technical delivery and to our operations’ highest ethical and professional standards. We exploit international partnerships and expertise to continually improve our services as well as the way we work.
  1. Enduring Partnerships
    Lattice keeps its promises. We strive to provide responsive and innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. For our clients, partners, suppliers, and buyers, this means an uncomplicated and wholesome experience that builds a foundation for long-lasting relationships. We have a simple goal – extraordinary customer service as we meet our clients’ needs. We accomplish this by taking our tasks seriously; and partnering with companies with the finest reputations for ethics and quality. Our goal is accomplished by a commitment from every employee.

Our values and goals require that we:

  • Treat each employee with respect and give them an opportunity for input on how to continually improve our service goals.
  • Treat each employee fairly and with mutual respect. The Company does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and encourages all managers and supervisors to involve employees in problem solving and the creativity process. When problems arise, the facts should be analysed to determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.
  • Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action, to resolve customer service issues, to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and that the problem not be repeated in the future. In this way, we will establish ourselves as leaders in the industry.
  • Deliver competitive, impeccable service to our clients and, where required, partner our clients with vendors who are aligned to our mission/vision.


Opportunities in East Africa

Most companies have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and are looking to restructure their businesses by developing new strategies that are resilient and sustainable for business continuity. Lattice Consulting Limited, an advisory firm based in Nairobi, Kenya happens to offer all the services that are currently in demand by businesses, both large and small, across East Africa and Africa at large.

There’s a lot of room for SME support in East Africa through Business advisory services (cash flow management, operations management, fundraising, people, and change management training).

According to the article Tech Disruption & Innovation on the Frontier: Key Sectors in East Africa to Watch by Mary La Rocque, East Africa is a region brimming with change. The opportunity for innovation through technology is clear: a growing number of tech “innovation” hubs, increased investment coupled with a burgeoning younger entrepreneurial class, and high mobile money penetration have opened a clear market opportunity. East African entrepreneurs are using technology to solve the region’s most significant challenges, whether from bridging the gap between local smallholder farmers and retailers to providing credit scoring solutions for the informal market and technology is driving innovation for many traditional industries.

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