PIB HortiTechIndia: Dutch solutions to upgrade the Indian Horticulture sector

PIB HortiTechIndia: Dutch solutions to upgrade the Indian Horticulture sector

On March 30th 2017, a new Partners for International Business (PIB) convenant was signed by Ad Bischoff from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Davinia Lamme from Larive International and a consortium of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions active in the horticultural sector.

HortiTechIndia will be coordinated by Larive International and the partners are Dutch experts and companies active in the field of greenhouse design, seeds, biological crop protection, irrigation, climate systems, screens, cultivation practices, training and integrated chain architecture. The partners enter this partnership for the next three years.

HortiTechIndia is a spin-off of the PIB FoodTechHolland that has been active in the Indian market for the last six years. HortiTechIndia will continue with a specific focus on the Indian horticulture sector, with the aim to collaborate with local Indian partners to upgrade the quality of the sector and thereby enhance productivity and profitability. This partnership will do so along the entire horticulture chain, from seeds to the end consumer, giving special attention to mid-tech solutions.

The mission of HortiTechIndia is to position the Netherlands as the leading country in the field of horticulture in India, as such to upgrade the current horticulture sector to a higher level and to gain market access. The vision is to increase the yield of vegetable crops per square meter and growers income as a consequence; improve product quality and safety in order to increase the domestic sales and export of Indian vegetables; and transfer (mid-tech) technology and knowledge to increase competitiveness. Activities amongst other include demonstrations, training and the development of business models to operate and implement (mid-tech) technologies in India successfully.

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